17 in ’17 – Wednesday Wedding Tips

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I loved our wedding. The candy cane bearers, the surprise song, my grandfather reading Scripture – every minute of it.

I love officiating weddings. The rehearsal, the hour of last minute prep beforehand, standing at the front with an anxious groom who fiddles as she slowly makes her way up the aisle – I love all of it.

I can’t wait for my girl’s weddings (they are 7 & 1). I already have an idea for the father/daughter dance at Lucy’s wedding and have video prepped for that day.

And so… I thought I’d start this new year indulging this love. Each week for the next 17 weeks I’m going to post a Wednesday Wedding Tip. Most of them will be practical and ridiculously specific and detailed. Some will be a bit different (like the first one coming later today). But overall their aim is to help those that are planning a wedding think through the details that will make for an amazing wedding day.

The posts will cover topics like, Picking a Venue / Making the Rehearsal Count / The Parents / The Procession / The Vows, & much more.

So if you are getting married in 2017 or if you just want to store away some ideas for later, feel free to follow along. The first official post is coming later tonight – Picking your Spouse.

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